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BRG (Business Relations Group)


Industry: Information Technology

BCS Poland helped with IT services and solutions, providing and supporting BRG with IT outsourcing and equipment. BCS enabled BRG to improve customer service and innovative customer portal. BCS Poland provides the customer with antivirus and security systems for the better business decision.

What We’ve Done


BRG (Business Relations Group) is new small size of Polish business consulting company


More than 2 years of experience working on the business environment has enabled us to build our services and solutions in a better way. BCS provides BRG with Network Security, Testing and Hardware equipment.

Online request
Customer relations

Security of data
Telecommunication equipment

Business needs


More effectively support and high quality testing


BRG (Business Relations Group) wanted to complete their consulting effectiveness with high-quality support.

Online request
Customer relations

Security of data
Telecommunication equipment

Products and Solutions


Software products and IT solutions


BRG (Business Relations Group) got solutions for their small management system.

WEB development, hosting, domain and Technical Support. At the same time, BCS provides BRG with WEB testing.
BITE Management Control System (BMCS) helped BRG to control the projects and tasks. At the same time, controls the financial results and calculations for the small size of business.

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