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M&Y Trading


Management: Global Management

M&Y Trading has more than 10 years of experience in Europe market and based on German market. BCS Poland analysed business development in Asian market and relationship with Asian market for M&Y Trading

What We’ve Done


Global Management


M&Y Trading is a big size of trading company from Germany. BCS Poland helped build bridge between Asian and Europe market for the big size of trading organization. BCS Poland provides them with marketing management services and analysing the local market.

Business needs


Customer Relationship and new partnership


M&Y Trading wanted to cover new markets with their services and solutions.

BCS Poland helps with:

Analysing the new markets
Add the M&Y Trading to the partners list
Consulting for customer services in Asian markets.

Products and Solutions


Global Management services and solutions


M&Y Trading has acquired to use our services for their business demands

Business process outsourcing
IT and Infrastructure outsourcing
Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Management

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