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Teras Restaurant


POS and WEB (Hardware & Software): Hospitality

Two years old Teras Restaurant has two branches in Germany. Teras Restaurant is a big size of restaurant and already became well-known restaurant in Germany

What We’ve Done


Provided with POS equipment and software


Teras Restaurant is a big size of restaurant network

BCS provides Teras Restaurant with PC and full POS system, made by BCS. At the same time, we provided Teras Restaurant with WEB-Page, which made them enable to do online reservation and orders.

Business needs


Get the POS system and control the all analyse


Teras Restaurant wanted to see the results and analyse restaurant demands.

BCS Poland helps with:

Full POS equipment(hardware)
Full POS system “BITE POS”
High-qulaity PC to see the reports
POS application being able to control the restaurant management
WEB-Page and Hosting

Products and Solutions


Hardware and Software


Teras Restaurant also got the high-services for their demand.

POS system (full POS software in multi-language)
POS equipment (full with known brands)
PC and application made by BCS for analysing and report the information
WEB-Page and Hosting, and Security of WEB-page for online order and reservation

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