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Ordubad Restaurant


Full POS system (Hardware and Software): Hospitality

Ordubad Restaurant is a new medium size of restaurant, which locates in Azerbaijan (Asia). The restaurant has two branches in capital of the Azerbaijan. Ordubad restaurant has already become very popular place for Azerbaijanis’ in short period of time.

What We’ve Done


Provided with full POS system, involving: hardware and software


Ordubad Restaurant is a new restaurant network. BCS provided and supported POS system for Ordubad Restaurant in Azerbaijan language.

BCS made multi-language POS system and dealing the software product with known hardware brands. The POS system is capable of showing all the reports, that owner wants in chosen language.

Business needs


Develop the communication skill with POS system


Ordubad Restaurant wanted to build up easy and fast connection between branches. At the same time, enhance the communication activity between customer and restaurant. Currently, Ordubad Restaurant uses the BITE POS full system, which allows them to control all the process.

BCS Poland helps with:

Full POS system (hardware and software),
Mobile application of BITE POS
WEB version of BITE POS with high-level PC
POS Menu and Kitchen application (which makes better communication between customers)
Smart watches

Products and Solutions


POS Hardware and Software


Ordubad Restaurant got the innovative solutions with the high technologies products

POS system (full POS software in multi-language)
POS equipment (full with known brands)
PC and application made by BCS for analysing and report the informationPOS Menu and POS Kitchen, and POS smart watchesWEB-Page and Hosting, and Security of WEB-page for online order and reservation

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