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Art Akademiya


Industry: Security

Art Akademiya or Art Academy is one of the biggest Furniture Design Companies from USA. They have branches in USA and Azerbaijan. BCS provides Art Academy’s Azerbaijan branch with Security solutions and services.

What We’ve Done


Security of WEB Page


Art Academy needed to secure their information.

BCS provided Art Academy with full package of WEB services, which include: webpage, hosting, mail services, mail protection, security of information. BCS protects customer data with enterprise-grade security.

Business needs


Control Process


Art Akademiya needed to be able to control their web traffic.

BCS Poland helps with:

WEB Security
Application Security
Mail Security
Admin Panel (for reports),

Products and Solutions


Internet Security Solutions


Art Akademiya got the solutions for their business demands.

WEBPAGE with technical support
Hosting and Security
Application and Mail security/protection

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